About us

  Mydosti.com - "A one-stop entertainment and social networking platform" and MUCH MORE!

What is MyDosti.com?

At first sight MyDosti might appear to be just another social networking site; one amongst the millions that are mushrooming everywhere around the World Wide Web. But a second look, and you will realize how and why this is a notch above the rest.

MyDosti is not just a place where you make friends, meet them and communicate. It is a place where you live your life. It is a place which promises to give you an experience of the utilities of the web, like no other. It is our aim, here at MyDosti to help you organize your online presence in a manner that shall make it universally accessible and useful. It is a free resource that you can use as and when you want and organize your online self with the most consummate ease. MyDosti.com is a community based website where users can upload content and share with their friends. "A one-stop entertainment and social networking platform".

So what sets MyDosti apart?

The feature that sets MyDosti apart from any other social networking platforms is that it gives you a portal to store, connect and share in a manner no one else does. Simply put, it is a place for all your digital content, for all that you wish to share, and for all the memories that you want to relive. To do this, it uses some of the best practices of Web 2.0 and Social Media that one can find around.

So once you register and sign in, you get for yourself, a web-portal that you are free to use in any way you want. You can store your favourite media, you can store your links, and you can share the trailer of the latest Bollywood release, or even catch up on the highlights of the match that you missed last night. Or if you have just been back from a vacation this is the place you organize and share your photos with everyone around. Moreover we also provide you with resources to convert your media from one format to another, recover old B/W pictures in digital format, and even digitize your old VHS tapes.

And more.

Our Groups feature allows you to join other users with similar interests such as yours and “group” up for a common cause and start a movement. Enjoy peer-to-peer interactions, then use the MyDosti Chat function for real-time audio and video conferences with friends and family. Needs no download! Our Classifieds section gives you the perfect place to get in touch with people who can benefit you or benefit from you. Get coupons, vouchers, or just get rid of old furniture. Trust us, when we say this was never so easy.

For bloggers, budding and blossoming alike, getting your views across was never this simple. Integrate your blog with your account and speak your mind out. Opine about why Led Zeppelin can never be equalized or why college days are the best days of one's life, and let the world know all this and more.

Also, you can access MyDosti from anything that can connect to the internet. Your PC, your mobile device, IPTVs, and even on your gaming device like Wii and Xbox.

MyDosti. Experience it. And rediscover friendship. In the best possible way.

Reasons to MyDosti!