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Whatever your business goals may be, MyDosti can help you power ahead. MyDosti provides cost-effective advertising solutions to display online banner advertisements and reach millions that fits your budget. With flexible pricing on a variety of ad options our advertising solutions can help improve overall site traffic and increase your ROI.

Enhance Your Reach & Targeting
MyDosti’s next generation of online advertising platform “AdInsights” helps you better connect with your audience in a more customized, relevant way. These display ads reach specific users and niche markets based on unique and expressed interests, geography and demographic profiles. Mydosti AdInsights innovative solution offers an automatic loop through feature that refreshes the AD display area dynamically without having to refresh the whole webpage.

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Use Mydosti AdInsights to seize the attention of your ideal audience and let them build a relationship with your brand through the broad array of advertising spots available on MyDosti sites.

AD Specifications:

AD Size Position Loop Duration Supported Files
700 x 80 Top Banner (Standard) 1 (Select values between 1 to 7) 10 secs Flash ; GIF/JPG; Animation
120 x 600 Right Side Banner (Standard) 2 (Select values between 1 to 7) 15 secs Flash ; GIF/JPG; Animation
310 x 220 Right Side Banner (Rectangular) 3 (Select values between 1 to 7) 30 secs Flash ; GIF/JPG; Animation

To learn more about the Video and Voice Ads Options and other online marketing opportunities available through MyDosti AD Solutions, please contact a MyDosti Sales Representative or send an inquiry from our Advertise Inquiry page.

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