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The internet is no more limited to desktops and personal computers. Which is why we, at MyDosti have also considered the user who uses other means to get connected. accessible via any internet enabled device, be it your PC, your mobile device, WebTVs and even gaming devices like Wii and Xbox.

Traditional Computers and Laptops: Of course, this is the usual case, just login to from your PC.

Mobile Devices: You needn't feel left out if you have a GPRS or 3G enabled mobile device. Be it your cell phone, your iPhone, your Android phone, your Blackberry, or iPad. MyDosti seamlessly integrates with these to give you the best mobile surfing experience.

Internet-Ready TV: Do you use Internet enabled television? Like WebTV? Fear not, MyDosti can also be accessed through that!

Streaming Media & Game Systems: Are you the hardcore gamer who spends a sizable amount of his time before a Wii or an Xbox? Now you can also access MyDosti from it!

Disclaimer: All content may not be viewable on all devices owing to platform limitations. For example, flash will not render on the iPhone or the iPad owing to the iOS' limitation to render the same.